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Purpose, Profit and Beyond Happiness | Jenn Lim

June 19, 2023 Brooke Bibeault, Ricus Grimbeek, Jenn Lim Season 1 Episode 6
Take 2 Podcast
Purpose, Profit and Beyond Happiness | Jenn Lim
Show Notes

Take 2 Podcast, Episode 6:  Jenn Lim

Jenn Lim is a Global Workplace Expert and has dedicated her life to bringing more joy into the workplace. Jenn is founder and author of Beyond Happiness. She is also CEO of Delivering Happiness which is a company she founded with Tony Hsieh, the late CEO of Zappos. In her book, she shares her “Greenhouse Model” for the workplace – it’s an idea she says leads to growth, purpose and business success.

Jenn Lim wears a lot of hats — literally and figuratively. She’s a bestselling author and a top-rated keynote speaker who’s had the privilege of sitting on the Global Happiness Council of Work & Wellbeing and working with hundreds of companies — from Fortune 500s and Best Places to Work to startups and governments.

She speaks the truth powered by a real-talk style that doesn’t shy away from tough topics, cuts through the fluff, and gets to what matters most.

Is your workplace a happy environment? Are you getting the most out of yourself and your employees? Join us in this frank conversation with Jenn Lim as we discuss insights and strategies to get the most out of yourself, those around you, create fulfilling workplaces, reach your full potential and live an all around happier life!

Finer Details of this Episode:

  • What is Happiness REALLY and How to Create Sustainable Happiness within your Life. 
  • Creating a Company That Cares 
  •  When you Invest in your Employees, in turn, they'll REINVEST in YOU
  • Fostering a Safe Environment at Work
  • Quiet Quitting - What It Means & Why More Employees are Doing It
  • Tactical Takeaways EVERY Leader can do to Create a Ripple of Impact in their Organization and in their Lives
  • Strategies for Building a Strong Culture

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